Welcome to Children's Ministry.

In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus gives His disciples "The Great Commission." We believe it is also given to all believers who are born again in Jesus Christ. We are to teach them  to obey everything that Jesus commanded.

 We teach the children God's word--simply, lovingly, and truthfully. We bring the chidren to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We teach that we are to love each other as Jesus loves us.  It is very important that each child knows and feels that he or she is loved, accepted, and valuable as a person. The child will understand that Jesus Christ died and rose again to give them forgiveness of their sins so they can live with Jesus forever.

Children's Ministry Vision.
  • Teach the children that Jesus loves them and died for their sins.
  • Encourage cooperation and fun, to grow into responsible Christian men and women.
  • Always show the Love of Jesus; for His people will be known by their love.
  • Care for each other and their Church Family by obeying God's Holy Word.
  • Hold on to the Biblical truths and teaching of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

For this coming year, the children will be learning a Bible verse each month.  If it is a longer verse, we will take two months to really learn the Bible verse and how the verse applies to our lives.  We will also enjoy making crafts and other projects which enforce the Bible verse.

Bible verse: John 14:15

The children learn by reading the word of God. We read a story from the Bible or from the Children's illustrated bible. We learn by hearing the word of God. We also learn by doing art projects, either coloring pictures or drawing their own picture, and crafts.  Learning is also fun when we have videos and songs that teach Christian values, such as the Veggie Tales series.

Every 2-4 months there is a Children's Ministry planning meeting.  If anyone feels the Lord is calling you to be a part of the Children's Ministry, please don't hesitate or be afraid to answer the Lord's call. For information contact Linda Heathcote or Youlan Naughton at:


We'd Love To Have You Visit Us.

Our ministry is a Bible based ministry and done with love for any child that attends. Our goal is to create a loving environment that nurtures children to learn about Jesus and his life.  We also encourage the children to learn the stories told in the Bible as we explain God's great love for us.